Toilet soap Extra 100 g

Natural lemon toilet soap production of  ERA

Eco – friendly product. Manufactured under GOST (GOST) 4537: 2006, is adjusted formulation and accuracy of the process, this production does not allow for custom, had proven technologies. Only approved processes, proven years of experience manufacturing.

Ingredients: sodium salts of fatty acids of food fats, palm oil and coconut water, salt, lemon perfume fragrance, antioxidant, titanium dioxide, YEDTA, dye, plasticizer.

Toilet soap contains natural ingredients and flavor of lemon, has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. Contains no chemical additives. Toilet soap well washes away dirt, softens and does not dry the skin, hypoallergenic, protects against germs, has fragrant smell and perfectly foams. Can be used for both adults and children.

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Product Description

High quality toilet soap produced under nominal weight 200 g as with individual wrapper and without, in boxes 80 and 40 pieces. TУУ 24.5-30745698-001:2007. In accordance with ДСТУ 4537:2006 (ГОСТ)

Manufactured under the method of cold-process, which allows to keep all natural ingredients, and the addition of tropical oils give the soap additional useful properties.

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