A new ERA of quality

Badge ECO of soap manufacturer ERA - a guarantee that the product is environmentally friendly and contains no chemical additives.

Badge ECO of soap manufacturer ERA – a guarantee that the product is environmentally friendly and contains no chemical additives.

Choose manufacturer comes down to getting the maximum benefit from the product. But how to understand and define precisely qualitative, safe soap satisfying basic consumer characteristics? The product is a producer would benefit the most?

To avoid a utilitarian the risk, it is impossible to acquire the so-called soap manufacturers who ignore the standards and state standards, using raw materials from the chemical components – made soap, pick recipe empirically at your own risk.

Typically, such products have a nice bright color or packaging, and is designed for visual effect. A strong smell of flavor, created with synthetic fragrances detracts from the quality characteristics of soap.



Production and technical complex “ERA”  is a producer of natural laundry and toilet soap in Dnepropetrovsk for already 15 years.

The company adheres to strict quality requirements of products. This is evidenced by a certificate of quality management system ISO 9001: 2009 in 2010 and the hygienic conclusions on TU and manufactured according to the specifications products. Its production is carried out according to conventional soap making technology and quality standards DSTU 4544: 2006 (soap) and DSTU 4537: 2006 (soap).

Soap, which produces PTC “ERA” not only performs its primary function, cleans from pollution, but it does so gently, moisturizes, removes dirt with germs is also a nice look and smell.

Modern soap industry produces all sorts of soap types and varieties. But sometimes the desire of some manufacturers reduce the cost of production leading to the use of technology in the production of soap in addition to the detergent ingredients, water and glycerin – synthetic components, perfume, conservatives. For example: aromatic oil consisting of synthetic fragrance molecules were not created by nature, and in the laboratory as opposed to the use of natural essential oils. They have a good resistance in the soap smell due to the fact that poorly weathered.

In the production of toilet soap ERA the complex of only natural fat components is used. The quality of soap and its harmlessness are determined by the content of that.

The company is working on improving the technology chosen only the best raw materials to products that meet the quality standards, it has been useful and in demand. Now, more than ever, our customers require toilet soap’s sensory experience, ie, fragrance conveys an important message, and functional is the key to communication.

PTC ERA does not create the illusion of high quality, but really suited to the needs of the consumer in order to eliminate the tedious selection, loss of time for comparison and provides a turnkey solution to its customers.

Very often, the consumer is not thinking, and focusing only on the twang or advertisement – makes a choice in favour of this soap. Naturally, the use of it is very harmful to the skin. There dryness, tightness of the skin, irritation, flaking, as well as allergic reactions.

The soap ERA – natural, fragrant, high quality and environmentally friendly. I’ll guarantee you, says the company’s director, Igor Zhuchkov.

Badge ECO of soap manufacturer ERA - a guarantee that the product is environmentally friendly and contains no chemical additives.

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